Election Feelings

I'm not going to say to much here about the election.  I've linked below to a few think pieces that I found heartening and which gave me pause. 

Here's what I will say;  a lot of my friends of color and of queerness are afraid.  I'd like to remind you guys that we've had nearly a decade under an administration that strengthened us.  We were recognized and given protections that helped us to grow.  We were able to find each other and create networks and support systems that have made us strong.  WE HAVE SO MUCH TO BE PROUD OF! Your country is still right here where you left it.  We can box now, so whatever is going to come our way, we got this, we got each other.  It's time to get in formation.  It's time to get actively involved in protecting our rights and our loved ones.  Don't let that scare you, let it embolden you. 

I also have a patreon now!  A lot of people have reached out to me over the years wanting to support in some way, but not wanting to buy custom videos or skype shows.  Now I don't even really do that anymore, so, you can go here and become a monthly supporter or whatnot: Observations Patreon.

This week on the OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre, I interview writer and director Jacob Strunk.  It's a two parter.  I interviewed him before the election, so when I knew this was going to go up after the election, we thought it'd be fun to get him back in to do a follow up interview.  Sorry it came late this week guys.  I was having election feelings.  To my Trump supporting listeners, you might want to skip this one, it will probably annoy you.  I love all of my fans/friends/followers.  Understand I'm upset and I do have strong feelings about what I believe in.  I won't be mad if you skip this one.

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