April's Fool

OBSRVTNS: April 4th, 2016

Greetings Syrenauts!

I trust everyone survived April Fools' Day.  I did and I didn't.  I've been working on a graphic novel for a few months now and I'm finally nearing the finish.  Like a few more chapters to go.  It's a weird thing to be this close to the finish of a such a large project...or well at least the first draft.  Then I'll have to polish it, storyboard some of it and illustrate a few pages before giving it over to an agent so they can try to sell it.  I thought it would be a moment of utter bliss, but I'm finding that instead I'm having panic attacks and am walking around on the verge of tears all the time.  I think it's just fear of failure, fear of completing something so personal and handing it over to the world.  I'm going to keep going though, that's been my new thing, just going after things no matter how scary they are.

I did a great set at the Ice House in Pasadena over the weekend and it went really well.  The audience asked me to keep going which made me feel ten feet tall.  More later.

Mike Lawrence:

My guest this week on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre is the amazing Mike Lawrence.  I first saw Mike Lawrence at the Sleep Away Camp show in DTLA.  I'd gone there to see Braunger and Mike was guesting on a spot from New York.  I loved the way he engaged with the audience and his semi-autistic but incredibly insightful observations and delivery.  I waited a long time for Mike to be back in Los Angeles and we had a great talk.