Ebbs and Flows


It’s been a while.  Life gets busy.  Ebbs and flows.  Changing is becoming constant and the amount of work to be done never seems to diminish.  It’s a good thing and it’s overwhelming.  I have a lot of small projects I’m working on and one big one, but all the while there’s the matter of the work at hand that pays the bills and built the house that I live in.

I’ve always fought against the trope that to really create something good, you can only work one thing at a time.  I try to regiment my focus.  Work on one thing for a few hours, shift gears to another when I get exhausted.  It takes longer to finish things, but you get more done.

The problem with creative projects, especially those that involve writing is that they take time, you do them alone, and when they’re finally done, you don’t get the immediate feedback of a live performance a blockbuster movie or even something as simple as the reply to a tweet…something, anything that makes you feel connected to some audience outside yourself.

I’m nearly done with the outline of a graphic novel, working on a piece for a live storytelling show, and sketching the idea for a podumentary I’d like to get made.  Then there are the other top secret things in the works, I imagine when these things finally manifest it will seem like an explosion and now it makes more sense to me when people seem to suddenly be everywhere, there was probably a lot of undercover toil going on for a long time before everything came together.  Well, one hopes.

This week on Observations with Sovereign Syre I have Andy Haynes.  Let me just start out by correcting myself.  In the podcast I talk about a roman emperor who died of laughter watching his horse eat plums.  I was mistaken, it wasa Greek stoic philosopher named Chrysippus of Soli, and it was a donkey eating figs that made him laugh so hard he died.  Sorry, I have a lot of date about names dates and events sloshing around in my brain pan and sometimes I mix it up.

Moving on to Andy Haynes, in addition to being a comedy writer and standup, he is also attractive and charming?  I know.  That’s not a common combination.  We talk about how to deal with the uneven nature of success, going from being a mover to being on television and back to being a mover and how uneven success can affect romantic relationships.  You know uplifting stuff like divorce.  Broke is relative.