Heavy Metal


It’s been a few weeks since my last post…and that’s because things have gotten a lot busier for me, and also, because I’ve been struggling to determine the direction and tone of this blog.  Those of you that have been reading along have probably noticed the content of these updates is somewhat erratic and unfocused.  I’ve decided to dispatch with all that pomp and circumstance and just use this as a place to talk about what’s been going on with me each week as I write.

Don’t worry, there’s kind of going to be plenty to talk about.

I’d like to start off with some good news.

My father is a graphic artist and illustrator and had stacks of Heavy Metal Illustrated Fantasy magazines around all the time.  I grew up reading these dark stories and getting lost in the drawings.  I had a Frank Frazetta poster in my bedroom that I sued to study for hours, dreaming up stories to accompany the strange images before me.

In college I got the idea to write my own graphic novel.  I had an idea for a story about a conquistador because I love history and I especially have a fascination with the idea of “first contact,” the first encounters the Old World had with the New World.  A good friend and tattoo artist named Danny the Machine was going to do the art for the project, but it was more of a pipe dream than anything, quite literally…I had issues going on that prevented me from realizing a lot of the big ambitions that I had.

Time and circumstances have changed dramatically and I’m so happy to say that I recently secured the backing to finally embark on this dream project.  The next few weeks are going to involve a lot of writing and shuffling through portfolios to find an artist that’s the right fit.

In other news, I also recently attended a screening and Q & A with Barry Crimmins and Bobcat Goldthwaite of the movie Call Me Lucky.  Call Me Lucky is a documentary about Barry Crimmins a stand-up comic who came out of Boston in the 1980s that became an unlikely advocate for children’s rights when he discovered in the early days of the internet, chat rooms full of pedophiles trading child pornography.  It’s an unflinching and loving portrait and everyone should run out and see it.

This week on the Observations with Sovereign Syre podcast I talked with Daniel Knauf.  Dan is the creator and writer of the cult hit Carnivale on HBO as well as the co-executive producer and writer on NBC’s the Blacklist and he agreed to come in an sit down with me for an hour to talk nothing but writing craft and process.  If you’re an aspiring writer or a working writer or just love good stories, this is one of my favorite interviews so far.