I Will Await You

I Will Await You

The weeks really seem to fly by.  I've learned that I have a hard time managing my time.  I don't know how to prioritize everything.  Lunch with a friend is as important to me as a writing deadline.  I don't know if it's own kind of emotional autism, but I see both my work and my personal relationships as being integral to my well-being.

I finished the outline for my graphic novel and now I'm headlong into the script.  So now I have to do that time managing thing and stick to a schedule because the only way out is through.  The hardest part of writing isn't coming up with ideas, but executing them.  It's solitary work without much glory.

I also have a show at the Comedy Store in L.A. this Sunday.  I've never done stand up before but I'm excited to try something new, to do something that's more immediately gratifying than writing a novel.  Even if it's bad, at least the feedback in instantaneous.  My dad used to listen to comedy albums until I had them memorized, so it kind of makes sense that at some point in my writing life I'd have a go at being funny.

I also checked out the LACMA and The Broad Museum this weekend.  I was moved to tears in front of a Picasso because sometimes that's all it takes, a reminder that you've made it beyond humble circumstances to find yourself in increasingly surreal situations.  I always had ambitions for myself, ambitions that a lot of people might take for granted, like owning a car or getting out of a suffocating hometown and the pangs of poverty and intellectual deprivation.  Standing inches from a Picasso that you've only ever seen in textbooks can be an intense experience if you weren't born on a yacht and the alumni of a fancy prep school, ya dig?

I got to share the experience of seeing your first master work of art with a special friend and there's just nothing like being able to share these things...and to feel connected to the world around you.  Everything that's come before, and everything that will come after.  Which I guess is what art is, a conversation that anyone can join and that will never be done.

Melanie Vesey

This week on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre my guest is Melanie Vesey.  Mel is an actress and comedian with one of the most engaging life stories I've heard in a long time.  In this interview she talks about the sexualization of young actresses and what it's like to survive a gunshot.  Check it out!!