Love, Millenial Style

OBSRVTNS: February 1st, 2016

I'm writing to you from the weeds.  I've been closing in on the first draft of a graphic novel, that is epic in scale and proportions.  A doorstopper.  I feel barely human as I write this.  I'm lost in another world, somewhere in Florida in 1565 or so.  Being so close to finishing something that I've been meaning to get to for years has transformed my general mood by leaps and bounds.  There's nothing better for your own self esteem than finishing things that you start.  It's my only real resolution for 2016, to finish all the things that I've started.  I have about eight projects to go, but I'm getting there.

I booked a spot at The Comedy Store in L.A. again.  I'm going to be the special guest on the Candy Comedy Show in the Belly Room on Valentine's Day.  Buy tickets!! Come out!!!  It's going to be interesting because the theme is Heartbreak and I don't really have a lot of material about love and relationships or even sex, to be honest, so I'm going to have to pull together ten new minutes of material out of the air, but I like to throw new obstacles in my way...deadlines are the only way to get me really move at the clip I need too.

Meanwhile my search for the perfect combat boots continues...

I've also started pole classes.  I had to give up boxing.  My coach was on the other side of the universe and at the end of the day it wasn't cost effective.  What's more, I was engaging in a skill that could potentially damage my earnings (a black eye or a broken nose) instead of increase them.  I'm planning to start feature dancing this year, so I want to be able to bring something extra to the table.  It's more than that though.  I like to always keep moving, to always be challenging myself.

I'll stop moving when I'm dead I guess.

Gaby Dunn:

This weeks guest on OBSERVATIONS w/ Sovereign Syre (download, rate, and subscribe!!!) is Gaby Dunn.  Gaby Dunn is one half of the team over at Youtube's Just Between Us.  Gaby recently wrote an article revealing just how much YouTube stars really make.  It quickly went viral and started a major conversation about how to make money in a sharing economy or a gig based economy.  Given that income has become tenuous for pretty much every type of creative out there, I thought it would be timely to bring Gaby back to talk about the down and dirty truth about aspirational living and social media.  This was a really eye opening talk.