Meditating About Relationships

OBSRVTNS: March 21st, 2016

Greetings Syrenauts!

I've been procrastinating a lot lately. It happens, dips in productivity.  I've been working on the graphic novel so long, there's part of me that desperately needs a break, there's a part of me that desperately just wants it to get done.  I've had friends visiting from out of town, so it's been easy to distract myself.

I've been meditating a lot about relationships, about what it all means.  I've been dating a few people, but finding it hard to have enthusiasm for anyone.  I seem to attract a lot of "already have a girlfriend types."  They're nice enough to wait a few dates in to let me know that they're actually already in monogamous relationships with other people.  I don't mind it so much, getting my hopes up end then walking away.  And sometimes I don't walk away.  I'm not sure if that's the ethical or moral thing to do or not, or if I should even care about such things.

It makes me wonder though, why so many people choose to be unhappy, choose to stay in relationships in which they are bored.  Why they are more afraid of being alone than they are of becoming the kind of person that looks someone that loves them in the face and lie to them every day.  I think the latter is far more terrifying than the former...but that's why I've always been in relationships in which there was an open door policy.  I'm not saying it's right for everyone, but there certainly seem to be a lot of unsatisfied people out there.

Lately I've just been on Tinder, looking for someone to fuck when I need to.  I don't even read the bios.  Just swipe right if they're physically perfect.  When you know exactly what it is you're looking for, it's easy to make decisions, to cut through the bullshit.  It also makes for a lot of good material for standup.

Ed Salazar!

This on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre (Subscribe on iTunes! Rate! Review) my guest is Ed Salazar.  I first met Ed in the green room at the Nerdmelt Showroom.  He was talking about a show he was trying to book for a charity event and I was immediately struck by his kindness and accessibility.  Ed is one of the hosts of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, the super popular Comedy Central show filmed here in Los Angeles.   After that first meeting we ran into each other a few more times, running in the same circles and just really loved his point of view on things.  It's clear he is a thoughtful person and in this interview we quickly go from talking about comedy to the nature of open relationships and his interest in sociology and psychology.  It turns out we're both fascinated by human motivation.