New Year/New You

OBSRVTNS: January 4th, 2016


It’s been just about a year since launched and it’s given me pause to think about what I achieved over the last twelve months…I launched a podcast that recently passed the 50th episode mark; not bad given that most podcasts don’t seem to make it for more than a few months. I owe most of that to Richard Avery, he’s an amazing taskmaster and the person that really makes this site go, not only is he tireless, but he spends his last reserves of energy nudging me to get my work done and book my guests into the seats.

I also pitched, wrote, produced, and starred in my very own youtube show, Boss Bitches of History on the Wisecrack channel. I got to work with my dear friend and fellow academic-cum-pornstar Ela Darling. We filmed four episode educating the world on the amazing achievements of bad ass women through the ages and I’m very proud of the work we produced. The producers over at Wisecrack took a chance on two women from a very stigmatized profession and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity. Thought he material didn’t resonate well with their core audience, everyone involved felt passionately about the product. I hope that someday it’s able to find a place where it will be loved by others as much as it was by all of us.

I also found a producer for a graphic novel I’d been wanting to make for years and in the span of a couple of months managed to write the first draft of what it going to be an epic endeavor. Also it only took a sentence to write that, the achievement feels monumental. Writing is a solitary and exhausting activity, even when you love the project you’re working on. I still have a long way to go, revisions, line edits, artist selection, promotion, production, marketing…all of it, but the hardest part is over. I’ll keep you guys posted throughout the process and as soon as it’s available for purchase, you’ll be able to find it here.

And to end the year on a high note, I also performed a stand up set for the first time. Twice. At the Comedy Store. I’ve always loved stand up, so of course, I’d thought about doing it off and on since I saw Bill Hicks on my dad’s TV the first time. I’d never really taken the ambition seriously until I started going to comedy shows here in LA this year, which prompted me to start the podcast and talk with young comedians, and so it was only natural they would nudge me into giving it a go myself. I won’t be good until I’ve done it a thousand more times, but it was an awesome experience to go from writing material to performing it and the high afterward. I spend most of my time writing long form pieces alone, then sending them out to the interwebs where response is given over time in the comments.  The immediate interaction with an audience is a whole different world, and probably addicting.

I’ve booked two more shows, on in New York City and one in Las Vegas and I’m continuing to do open mics, because, as strange as it sounds, it good stress release for me.

What’s more is I started boxing in earnest with a coach. The physical transformation I’ve gone through and the psychological stamina I’ve built up have given me a confidence I haven’t known in a long time…in fact, I’d say in general, I’m happier than I’ve ever been…and I’ve decided that happiness really is just a sense of optimism about the future, your future.

My guest this week on OBSERVATIONS w/Sovereign Syre is TJ Chambers, stand up, comedy writer and amateur boxer out of my sister gym Wild Card in Los Angeles.  We talk about doing stand up for the first time and how to survive as a comedy writer.