OBSRVTNS: February 15th, 2016

I still haven't adjusted to the fact that it's 2016.  I have to keep scratching things out on forms (my life involves filling out a lot of fucking forms) and I hate that because I'm a perfectionist with shit like that.  Not so much about things that matter, but about superficial aesthetic shit.  I'm nearly done with my graphic novel and I've been writing at a clip that is surprising even to myself.  I've become so lost in the story that I've kind of let go of a lot of other things in my life.  Lately, life is pretty much just about writing and doing stand up or storytelling shows, which is also about writing.  I feel like I'm in the middle of a creative purge that's been long overdue.

I'm changing my lifestyle and getting good results.

I'm moving out of an apartment I've always felt disconnected from and into a house that has more room, that I can hang my art on the walls of and make into a home.  It's been a long transition, I lived so long out of a suitcase, it took being in one place for a year and half to get used to the idea of staying somewhere and putting down roots.  But that's what I'm doing, rooting myself so that I can have more freedom.  It seems counter intuitive, but when you live your life riding wave after wave of chaos, it's hard to plan that trip around the world.  You only get one view, and it's dystopian.  So yeah, I'm kind of growing up I guess.

Relationship has been weird and kind of grown up.  My impulse is always to enmesh immediately and impulsively.  I've shown a lot of restraint over the past year, building an independent life for myself and enjoying being alone instead of being terrified by it and reactionary in dealing with it.  The next year is going to be interesting.  I have no idea where life is taking me, but I feel a sense of optimism about the future.

Desi Jediekin and Rachel Fisher!

I had my friends Desi Jediekin and Rachel Fisher on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre (subscribe and rate on iTunes!).  Desi and Rachel are writers that have a loyal twitter following.  They work dirty and feminist and funny.  They have their own podcast Eating Pie, where they take male stand ups and grill them about their sexual histories.  Our conversation veers from funny to super serious from Fuck Bois to institutionalized sexism.