OBSRVTNS: January 26th, 2016

It was AVN week in Las Vegas, but I wasn't there for AVN, I was there to do standup at Oddfellows in Downtown.  It was a good show, I killed it in a strange confluence of all the right and wrong things.  I still haven't figured the appropriate Bloody Mary to coffee ratio when adrenaline is mixed in to the whole thing.  I got to the venue and found out I had twice as much time as I had material for...I mean I always have more material, but I tend to be meticulous and rehearse a lot.  I was thrown but it turned out for the best, I went into a few different stream of consciousness rants that somehow, the audience was receptive too.  It was a good crowd, they were willing to be taken to some weird places.  I even had a few people come up afterwards to say they were surprised, but happily, that the material took an unexpected cerebral turn.  It was good stuff.

I got see Anna B. Volk and Christian Madsen in from Brazil, two occasional trade reporters that have been on the ride along with me throughout my career.  It was interesting to sit outside the AVN convention and remark at how much has changed within the industry in the last four years.  As much as there is new stuff happening, it does feel that a certain element has kind of left the building so to speak.  I think when I came into the industry, there was a palpable feeling that within it, there was almost a kind of movement, a set of people working to make things that weren't just about titillation but about disrupting a narrative.  I think there were those of us in that moment that felt a kind of political alignment.   To borrow from my friend Desi Jed....My pussy was WOKE af.  It does feel like that contingent has dispersed though, and it makes me a little sad.

But change is constant and I'm interested to see where the industry is headed from here as it navigates new obstacles and adapts to the changing relationship the culture has to sex.  I guess AVN feels like an artifact now, a symbol of the way we used to consume our porn and our pornstars, the way we used to business, the relationships that used to exist between performers, companies and fans.  I don't have any predictions about the future.  I don't think the AVNs are going anywhere, just like the Oscars aren't going anywhere, though increasingly the awards seem less and less relevant in a world where Sean Baker is making Tangerine on an iPhone with no name talent and captivating audiences everywhere and cam girls are making the kinds of income that used to by the exclusive demesne of contract girls and superstars.

I would have attended the actual awards, but I was booked to be in a music video back her in L.A. for Ryan Casatta, a folk rock up and comer who's doing all the things and working on a dream.  He wrote a song Bedroom Eyes that called for a "gorgeous girl" who gets jilted by a playboy.  I think I was a natural for the part.  Duh.  Ryan has won a ton of awards and a spot on the warped tour when he was like 18 years old and stuff.  The video was directed by Melanie Vesey and I was so impressed with her visual sense.  She took a great portrait of me in between takes that I loved and hated because I don't look perfect in it, but I look like me, so there you go.

Arden Leigh!

This week on OBSERVATIONS w/Sovereign Syre (DOWNLOAD, subscribe, rate!) is part two of my interview with Seduction Coach Arden Leigh.  In part one of the interview Arden told us about her rise from 22 year old virgin to top Pro Domme in the most profitable House in Manhattan, to scandal and being outed as a sex worker in a full page story in the New York Post.  In this half of the interview, Arden talks about going from despair, to writing (and publishing) her first book at 25, and becoming a sex and seduction coach...and how that doesn't come with a perfect track record in her own love life.  I love her.  I love you guys.