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OBSRVTNS: November 9, 2015


Greetings Syrenauts. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s already been a week since I last wrote to you. I got walloped with a crazy fever this week so I spent most of it out of my mind. I’m on a lot of deadlines with my writing now, so I always feel a little overwhelmed but overall I’m more relaxed if that makes sense. It’s panic inducing to think of the work that needs to be done, but it’s mitigated by the fact that I know it will GET DONE. I actually got a chance to read through several tomes about Florida, the Timucuan people and the founding of St. Augustine for my graphic novel. I knew most of the information but it reminded me so much why I wanted to tell the story that I’m telling.

Moreover as much as people change, it’s really something how we stay the same. I read a book by Rene Laudonniere, written 450 years ago about the three voyages he made to Florida in 1562-65 and his accounts of life with the Timucua and the surroundings are as engaging as ever. He calmly recounts the various flora and fauna found along the St. John's River and then recounts the tale of men lost at sea taking lots to see which of them are going to sacrifice their body so the others won't starve.  You could almost hear Anthony Bourdain reading the text. Of note: he documents encountering the “hermaphrodites” of the Timucua people, though likely they were just men who dressed and lived as women for whatever reason. History is still full of mysteries to be explored.

On the personal front I’ve been engaging in some new adventures. I’ve been trying to have a healthy relationship with a guy I’m really keen on. I think we’re getting on ok and dating someone whom I can be radically honest with about my feelings and my job that isn't insanely jealous or passive aggressive, has been eye and heart opening. I realize now that honesty has to be a non-negotiable necessity no matter who I end up with. Saying that I’ve also found myself having a fling with someone who has no idea who I am at all, and that’s been it’s own kind of refreshing, to see someone that is interested in me for me, not because of what I do. A lot of people invest a lot of mystery and magic into the nature of my job, of what it must mean about who or how I am in the bedroom etc. It’s been fun to play with someone who really has no fucking clue. It’s invigorating.


This week on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre director Patrick Brice (twitter.com/Patrick_Brice)! He’s an independent filmmaker who just finished two very different projects, Creep a found footage horror movie and The Overnight, an exploration of modern marriage and romance that opened in theaters. We had a great conversation about how we use films and stories to comment and understand the greater culture we find ourselves in.  Whether it’s a mediation on intimacy and letting the right one it (Creep), or what monogamy means in a world full of increasing choice (The Overnight), Patrick's movies are full of an affecting amount of heart and insight.

We also try to take on why people are so scared of sex and sexuality.

Really amazing stuff.