Burn Out

OBSRVTNS: April 18th, 2016


Greetings Syrenauts!  Well, it happened.  The thing that I was warned about by all my friends.  I experienced burn out.  In between writing a graphic novel, writing toward an hour of stand up material, going up on stage three to five times a week, podcasting, doing scenes and maintaining my clip store and camming...I burned the fuck out.  Last week was dark over here for the first time in the year since I started the podcast.  I just got overwhelmed and the next thing you know, I'd run out of updates and scheduling was a nightmare.  Never fear however.  We are back this week with Ian Karmel!!! Fuck. Yes.

I'm also done with the first draft of my graphic novel, I'm just organizing it and doing some slight revisions before handing it over to my writing coach to start the process of editing and real revising so that I can hand it off to the next set of hands that will try to sell it to a publisher.  That's been it's own struggle, deciding whether to produce it myself as a webcomic over time or try to shop it around.  It's low key stressful, but part of the new negotiation that writers have in the new gig based economy.  You can reach far more people and profit more if you produce work yourself, but at the same time, the credibility of a publishing house still carries with it all the social validation that most of us crave from our artistic peers.

I'm co-producing and co-hosting the Cobra Juice Variety show at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles April 23 and you should all come out to see that.  I've written a sketch for it that Baron Vaughn of Grace and Frankie is going to perform with me, so that's fun.

So much more going on.  I spent three days in NYC going through a podcast bootcamp and interesting things may very well be on the horizon for OBSERVATIONS, so be on the look out for that.

I'll be in NYC next week doing a bunch of standup.  I'll be sure and post the dates and times so those of you that reside on the East Coast can stop by if you like.

A lot of you are writing and asking if you can see my standup anywhere online.  The short answer is no.  Here is why: I'm a baby standup, I'm still developing my material and I want to wait until I'm good to have my stuff out there.  Secondly, once your jokes are out there, you can't really use them on stage anymore because all your fans have heard them before they've stepped foot in the club or theater.  So it's a weird thing. The best you can do is come see me in NYC or LA.

Or you can follow me on snapchat, username: SovereignSyre.  I've been working out my bits on there, so you can always wait for stuff there.