Words Of Advice For Yung People

OBSRVTNS: January 11th, 2016


I’ve started to record small intros to the interviews on my podcast (OBSERVATIONS w/Sovereign Syre). Last week I started by listing off some words of advice about living a life free of underminers and joysuckers, even when the one undermining your efforts and sucking the joy from your life is you.


Listen, we’re all carrying the crosses to our own crucifixion, the problem is, people aren’t crucified anymore, and chances are whatever it is you’re toiling under is just as much of a fantastic relic of the past. You’re tilting and windmills, so stop. Whatever it is that’s keeping you from being free, get out from under it. Maybe you’re afraid of what other people will think of you (stop, people are usually too preoccupied with their own battles to worry over yours), or maybe you think you’re just not good enough to get what you want (stop that too, there’s no one standing in the ether with a scorecard determining who deserves what). Marcus Aurelius said you can’t judge as good or bad something that happens to good and bad alike…so failure? So what? We’ve all had failure. Rejection? So what? We’ve all been rejected. What am I’m getting at is this: no one is going to be more disappointed if you don’t get what you want than you. So stop worrying about what God or your father or your friends think.


Whatever problems I have about doing something are solved by doing something. Nothing is going to change until you take action in life. Start eating better today. Start working out today. Make that dentist appointment now. Send out that resume tonight. Start looking for work in that new city you’ve been thinking of moving to, tonight. Start that great American novel today. Go to that open mic and try your stand up tonight. Hamlet was a tragedy, you feel me?


Be discerning. It’s one of the seven spiritual gifts God gave us in the Bible. I’m not saying I believe in the Bible, but I think there’s something to be said for thinking of it in this way. Discernment means trusting yourself, relying on your judgement and applying reason to your thinking. Edward Burnays, who invented the phrase “public relations” because Americans didn’t like the word “propaganda” after the Nazis said; it’s not what you can make people think, but how you can make them feel. It’s not about appealing to people’s reason when trying to sell them something they don’t need, it’s about appealing to their irrational emotions.   Never lie…to yourself, practice radical honesty about your motivations. Also: try not to lie to other people too much. When you lie you are forced to live in the past, when you tell the truth you move toward the future.


Stop trying to fix, change or enlighten other people, especially about their bad habits, relationships and toxic attachments. You can’t save anyone but yourself. That’s the beauty and tragedy of this life, we are ultimately alone in our experiences and understanding, we have to come to our epiphanies on our own. You can’t change other people and other people can’t change for you. Sorrynotsorry. It’s the way that it is. Understanding this, it should make it easy to live a life with no exceptions to your personal rules and boundaries. If you get free, get self-preserving, get decisive, do something, practice discernment and never lie to yourself, than you have created a code of behavior for yourself and established healthy boundaries for what you’ll accept from other people. Don’t deviate from that. Hold everyone to the same standards; treat everyone the same and the detritus with fall away. You may lose some people you were really attached too, but you’ll lose a lot of bullshit too.



This week on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre my guest is Nick Youssef. Nick is a paid regular at the comedy store and also one of the most stylish men in comedy. We talk about the history of the Comedy Store in Los Angeles and why it has become such an iconic place in the world of comedy. This is one of my favorite interviews on OBSERVATIONS.


Also this week, January 14th at 8pm in NYC I'll be doing a stand up set at Headquarters NYC.  Come and laugh and I'll sign stuff after if you want.  Tickets can be purchased here: #hardcorecomedyshow.