K-Hole Of The Self

OBSRVTNS: May 23rd, 2016

Greetings Syrenauts!  It was a strange week, I kind of fell into a k-hole of the self.  It happens sometimes.  I can get so focused on the future and where things are going that I lose sight of the present.  Things fall away, other things fall apart.  I lost some momentum on the graphic novel script I've been working on.  I didn't do stand up for two weeks.  And when I did get back on stage I spent most of the set trying to back away from the audience.  But then I forced myself to keep going up and by the third day I'd gotten back on track, things were coming back together again.  It's about discipline, writing every day, doing stand up every night.  I think whatever your art is, it's about doing it when you don't feel it, learning how to work no matter how you feel.  I'm also learning that the creative stuff is actually a way to work through feelings of paralysis.

Sara Benincasa!

It's fitting that my guest on this week's OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre (subscribe on itunes!) is writer and comedian Sara Benincasa.  Sara is the author of four books, to young adult fiction pieces, a memoir about her struggles with depression and anxiety and a collection of essays called Real Artists Have Dayjobs.  We get right into and discuss why creativity seems to be linked to a certain amount of neurosis.