Setting Concrete Goals

OBSRVTNS: May 30th, 2016

Greetings Syrenauts!  There are changes afoot on the backend my friends.  Life has been hectic.  I took a three week break from just about everything to ruminate on the future, take stock of the past and deal with the realities of the present.  Things are good, better than they've been in a long time and ironically that created some static in my brain.  I've been living out of a suitcase for the better part of the last decade.  Not because I'm homeless, but because I was living the life of a bohemian, traveling at the drop of a hat, moving across the country at a moments notice not once but twice.

It's an adjustment to start settling down and living one life, making choices, setting concrete goals.  Stand up is going great.  Writing is going great. Adult projects are going great.  I'm in the place that I want to be in all of those things.  Stand up is learning something new and fills me with all of that excitement.  In my writing I'm finally completing all of the projects I'd been thinking about and I'm finally putting all those classes and workshops and readings to use.  In adult I'm finally in a place where I can pick and choose the things that I want to do.  So it's only natural I might find myself wondering what to do with all the emotional energy I normally spend worrying about the future.  I think I'm going to invest it in being happy.


This week my guest on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre is singer/songwriter Jilann.  Jilann is an independent artist that has recently completed two albums with Mike Garson, David Bowie's primary pianist.  We talk about the struggles of being a working artist and how social media has changed the landscape for unique talents.  More than that, Jilann is a story of living a dream...she went from being a makeup artists with a secret passion for singing to a recording artist that splits her time between Los Angeles and Paris and she did it with the help of a crowdfunding project.  Good stuff.