She Still Worries About Love

OBSRVTNS: May 10th, 2016

Greetings Syrenauts!  I'm writing this on Mother's Day. I'd planned to write you a poem instead.  I had this idea that I want to start writing a new poem every week for six months as an exercise, but then, my mom texted and asked if I wanted to hang for the day, and I was like, poetry can wait.  Holidays that celebrate parents or lovers are tricky and usually loaded for people.  I've always been close with my mother, we've had our battles but ultimately, we have always loved each other and been supportive.  It's been interesting see her grow older, getting nearer to retirement, and seeing how she has softened to life and also how so many of our struggles are universal.  She still worries about finding love.  She still has dreams that she wants to fulfill.  And she still always trying new things, going to new places.  She's been to South Africa, Scotland, Zimbabwe and Japan this year alone and she's been learning to play the guitar.  It's inspiring, and probably where I get my curiosity from.

This week on OBSERVATIONS with Sovereign Syre I have artist COOP (@ARTofCOOP on twitter) on OBSERVATIONS.  We talk about how he went from being an illustrator for hire to designing concert posters and album covers.  Coop really broke big when his cigar chomping devil head character found its way onto Zippo lighters around the world at the height of Martini culture in the 90s.  Thank rockabilly!