Ups and Downs

OBSRVTNS: May 16th, 2016

Greetings Syrenauts! I have my ups and downs.  I've still been coming down off my trip to NYC and how hectic it was.  It's a good feeling to be busy, but it always fills me with a kind of anxiety, the fear that something is slipping through the cracks.  I think I live in a kind of feedback loop.  If I'm happy and having fun I worry that I'm not attending to something, and if I'm stressed and anxious from attending to things than I worry that I'm not enjoying my life as much as I should.  It can be paralyzing at times.

I'm coproducing/cohosting a variety show out of the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles this Saturday the 20th called Cobra Juice.  The show starts at 9pm.  I've got Mark Hayes coming in to tell stories, Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall reading some of my strangest fanmail and Laurie Kilmartin headlining.  If you're in L.A. you should check it out.  I'm really proud of putting together this recurring show and I'm working to make it good and interesting.  There will of course be drag queens and music and fun fun fun!

I'm also going to be headlining the Belly Room at the Comedy Store on Father's Day, you should mark that down in your calendars.  June 19th, 2016, 8pm!

I'm writing a lot of jokes and working on my graphic novel script and spinning a million plates and trying to go to the gym and eat good food and get rest and drink water and take time to visit a museum or catch a movie.  You know, live my life and have stuff to talk about.  There's a lot going on right now, changes afoot that I will tell you all about later.

Open Mike Eagle!

This weeks guest on OBSERVATIONS podcast is Open Mike Eagle.  Mike is an art rapper out of Chicago that has made a name for himself as an independent artist and thoughtful wordsmith of the likes of Saul Williams.  A kind of poet and storyteller.  We talk about the current state of things and how to survive as a working artist in the current gig based economy.  Mike is incredibly charming, insightful and soft spoken.  A really compelling guy.