Just Keep Swimming

I finally finished the graphic novel that I was working on.  It happened while I was sitting in a cafe in Seattle visiting my brother.  I was struggling with plot, trying to figure out how to end the story when I realized that the story was already done, that I was just trying to avoid being done.  I hate being done because it means you have to move on to the next step and you're closer to giving something to the world.

Now it will be time to start the editing process.  I was wallowing in the "I hate this and it's a tire fire" stage of the drafting process, really letting myself have it.  I was scared to give it to my writing coach for notes, I didn't want him to think I'm a terrible writer, but I pushed through it and found the upshot of having finished a fucking three hundred page epic in a script format I'd never attempted before.  I learned a lot about how to write a long form story.  I kind of threw everything and the kitchen sink into the story from magical realism to Timucuan mythology and found that all those things fall away when you get into good characters. 

So I've already started writing my next novel.  This one is a traditional format piece, a novel I've started and stopped over the last few years.  Having finished something I know now how it's done, by showing up and writing every day.  I can edit one while writing the other so that by the time the graphic novel gets to you, something else is queued up and ready to go.  A friend told me that as long as you keep creating new things you'll stay excited.

I'm going to be doing the podcast out of the comedy store starting next week.  These will be my first interviews on my own and I'm feeling a little nervous.  I'm used to having Richard Avery there to kind of tug things along. 

This week I'm doing two shows! 

I'm going to be at the Funny Bone in Columbus August 25th!  TKTS are available on the shows page. 

The Sov's Birfday Edition of Cobra Juice this month is going to be amazing.  Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall and Dr. Ken is going to read my email and Marc Maron, one of my favorite man people is going to headline.  This will sell out because other people like these guys too.