Hello Lane Moore

Greetings Syrenauts!

It’s already December, which is fucking crazy.  I don’t know where the year went…actually I do…it’s gone into my novel.  I’ve been so focused on getting my book done, that days blend into nights blend into weeks blend into months.

I seem to have trouble either doing one thing obsessively or a dozen things half way.  So I met with Conner Habib and we did some financial planning and life coaching stuff and he gathered me together. 

I’m on a schedule for the first time since college! 

I’m working on Twitch, doing live weekly hangouts for Patreon patrons, and I’m back to doing standup after little break, working on a new thirty minutes. 


I’m going to be in NYC December 10th-16th doing standup.  You can check out the new tour dates on my site: http://sovereignsyre.net/shows

Upcoming Podcast Guests!

Open Mike Eagle

Heather Berg

Sarah Banet

Jon Ronson


This week on the podcast:

I have Lane Moore.  Lane hosts Tinder Live! a monthly show where she logs onto Tinder in front of an audience and lets them help her chat up potential dates in real time.  Lane is also a multi-instrumentalist and the front women of It Was Romance. 

We sit down and talk about social media, dating, and what moments should be public or private.  We also talk about the birth of her band and life on tour. 

Check it out: http://soundcloud.com/sovereignsyre

Music I’m really into right now:

Benjamin Clementine, I Tell  A Fly:

The entire album is powerful, beautiful.  Imagine Tori Amos and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins made an album together and you’d get close.  His voice and his playing are acrobatic. 


Kirin J. Callinan, Bravado:

The standout track and video is S.A.D (song about drugs).  I’m obsessed and can’t stop watching. 



I’m starting a new feature on the Patreon!  Book of the Month!!  I’m trying to read more.  Writing and my Netflix cue have been getting in the way.  I know some people read a book a day, and they can go fuck themselves.  That would get in the way of me watching the entire series run of The Office for the second time in a row.  Get off my back.  I’ll post about the book on the patreon and we can have a discussion in the comments as we start reading.  At the end of the month we’ll have a live chat about the book! 

This month’s book:

Last Exit To Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr. 

If you want to join the Patreon: http://patreon.com/sovereignsyre


The book is coming along.  I’m almost 2/3rds of the way done.  The book is divided into three parts, though I may actually be writing a novel series or something.  I think each part is novel length sooo…Whatever, it’s my life’s work.  I don’t think I’ll write another novel after this is done.  I might switch over to screenplays or stick to stand up. 

Have a great week, and remember America is almost over.