Wild Animal

OBSRVTNS: February 18th, 2018



Greetings Syrenauts! 


It’s been awhile!  I was going through a bit of a comedy slump, but more importantly I was finishing the first draft of my novel.  That meant book club, and all my other loftly plans for the Patreon fell to the wayside.   I’m happy to report…THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE NOVEL IS DONE!

That’s right, bitches.  I finished my first draft of my first novel.  I had been toiling on and on, when Conner Habib pointed out I’d written three novels and was on my way to the fourth when the first was already finished for a while now.  A few months ago.  So the book is done.  Now I have to go through and begin the first series of rewrites, revisions, line edits, and all the other stuff that goes into getting a manuscript as perfect as possible.  I’m committed to this journey, no matter how long it takes.  Even it is another year before it’s ready to be sent off to an agent and shopped around town. 

In the meantime, the heavy lifted of writing the damn thing is done, which means I can spend a couple hours a day working on the edits; but have my fucking mind back! 

I’m going to finally have time for the book club and to rearrange my living room and get video equipment so I can put the podcast up on youtube.  I’m going to have time to read for the book club.  I’m going to have the time and energy to write this newsletter, and I have the space to write stand up.  I’ve written ten minutes of new material this week. 

I turned the valve, and it all came rushing out. 



Speaking of stand up.  I headlined for two days in Fresno with my friend Dustin David.  Dave Apkarian, a bear of a man and goodhearted as heck, hosted us at his place.  I love visiting home, seeing how much it’s changed and how much it is the same.  I got to visit my dad and introduce him to Dustin.  I’m cagey about letting people that far in, but Dustin is a good friend and it felt nice to let someone see something I’m so protective of.  I grew up pretty poor and I still feel embarrassment from time to time about letting people see where I came from. 

I realized this weekend that I still carry around some of that shame.  It’s why when I’m at friend’s houses that are better off than me, I still fear that I’m letting my poor get all over everything.  I know rationally this doesn’t make much sense, but my brain tends to be wire backwards, as Melanie Vesey says. 

I’m going to be in Fresno again this Friday, and I’m performing two spots in Los Angeles. 

I also went to the taping of Melanie Vesey’s comedy special Wild Animal.  She has an incredible story.  You can find her episode of the podcast on http://sovereignsyre.net/observations or on iTunes or on http://observationspod.libsyn.com

You can find the latest podcast with Dustin David and Dave Apkarian there too. 

For my upcoming shows you can go here: http://sovereignsyre.net/shows.



Speaking of the podcast and patreon; I’ve moved the podcast from SoundCloud to Libsyn.  The old episodes will stay on at soundlcoud, but new episodes will be uploaded to libsyn.  If you’re subscribed on iTunes, Libsyn automatically switched you over to the new feed.  If not, you can always stream the podcast from my site: http://sovereignsyre.net/observations.  If you aren’t subscribed on iTunes, please do!!! It really helps to get advertisers, sponsors, etc to have a high subscriber count.  Please download that episodes as well, instead of just playing them.  Advertisers look at downloads not plays.  And of course please rate and review the podcast on iTunes.  You can do it all from your smartphone and it really helps the podcast out!


My guests this past week were Dustin David and Dave Apkarian.  You can find out more about Dustin at his site http://dustindavidcomedy.com

If you want to know more about Melanie Vesey and where you can buy her special when it comes out: http://melanievesey.com.




Stuff I’ve been into lately:

·         Just discovered Mom on Hulu.  I know it’s all corporate, but it’s incredible.  I’m late to the party, but I didn’t get television until this year. 

·         Marc Maron’s podcast episode with Martha Kelly is really moving.  Martha Kelly plays the best friend/romantic lead in Baskets, a show everyone should be watching.  Here’s some of her standup: https://youtu.be/XpttkQOd3iw

·         And I never get tired of SAD by Kirin J. Callinan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgBSAs5gwGk

·         I’ve really been into Roy Orbison and his balletic voice lately.  Here’s some Blue Bayou: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiMl4yX1JiA