Golden Girls

Greetings Syrenauts!

So I featured for Marc Maron for some shows this past weekend and it was awesome.  The crowds at the Ice House were amazing.  It was really great to kill it in front of a friend I really respect a lot.  I was a bit nervous.  You know how it goes.  I was doing almost all new material.  Melanie Vesey and Ela Darling came out and reassured me I’m blooming like a lovely flower.  I was kind of riding high.  Still trying to figure out what to do with all that energy when its over.  I came home and didn’t really know what to do with myself.  It can be kind of a lonely feeling, to have all that buzzing in your brain and no way to really express it. 

I had some really great guests on this week for the podcast too.  I interviewed Star Nine, who I did some content with, because I’m getting back into making fun stuff again…

If you want to see that, you can go here:

I also interviewed Becca Brown.  Becca was someone that I was thinking of having feature when me and Alia Janine were touring the Midwest.  It didn’t work out in time but she lives in LA now…She saw me at the Maron show and hit me up to say I had a great set, so I invited her over.  She’s adorable and a lot of fun. 

You can catch the interview when it goes up in a couple weeks here:

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I also have Siouxsie Q James on the show this week!  We talk about SESTA and FOSTA.  There’s a war on pornography going on, and the war on sex workers is continuing.  This legislation is really going to negatively impact those that trade sex and push them underground.  Please call your senators and let them know this legislation is bad, bad, bad. 

I gave two guest lectures at USC this week as well.  The students were really receptive to my message about ending sex and sex work stigma.  The children really are our future.  Support them!!!!

I have shows coming up at the end of the month and in April.  You can find upcoming shows here:

I’m also doing a story for RISK! on St. Patrick’s Day.  You should come and check it out.  It’s not a funny story, more serious, but I think it’s important. 

That’s about it. 

The round up for the week:

Things I’ve been into:

Watching Golden Girls on HULU.  Get into it. 

I watched Gad Elmaleh’s new special on Netflix.  He has some great stuff about American healthcare…

Lee Field’s and The Expression’s song Time is getting me through, too.