Greetings Syrenauts! I’m a little anxious today.  I’m featuring for Marc Maron tonight at the Icehouse in Pasadena for two shows.  I’ve been featuring for six months or so now and I’ve opened for him before, but I look up to him and always want to do well.  When I build a show up in my head like that, it can really get me in a holding pattern of anxiety. 

I’ve been trying to get out more.  I went to the Alameda swapmeet and got henna tattoos on my feet for a video I wanted to make.  I’ve been getting into my I’m on my art shit again, making fun erotic stuff.  I was talking to Ela Darling about the idea of separating yourself from your porn identity.  The feeling that you have to when you move on.  I’ve been finding more recently that I don’t want to do that, I’m still the same girl that started making provocative art because I wanted to challenge things and show that you can be smart and sexual at the same time.  Only Fans has kind of reawakened that girl.  I’m in control of what I put there and I’ve been having fun making things for it.  I was languishing trying to lop off that part of myself to be more respected as a writer or comedian.  Fuck it.  I just have to be who I am.

And yeah, I can make a sex tape one day and feature for Maron the next.  Fuck it.  So if you want that artsy fun stuff, you can join me over there.  I know a lot of you aren’t comfortable consuming that part of what I do, and that’s totally fine with me. 

Of course you can always support the   My mom finally supports!! Ha! 

I’m working on the new live streaming feature on Patreon, but I have to download encoders and work it all out.  I’m aiming to do weekly hangouts on Patreon by next Friday.  I’m going to be using for the bookclub, because there are fewer of you participating.  With Zoom we can all use our webcams at once to see and talk to each other.  I posted some questions for thinking about.  I think I’ll aim for somewhere around St. Patrick’s Day for the book club meeting. 




My podcast guests had to be shifted around because of their promotional schedules.  Upcoming is Ela Darling, Dana Vespoli.  I’m getting a lighting kit and stuff to video the podcasts this week so I’ll have some beta episodes doing that.  If you’re local to LA and are interested in interning enough to help video the talks and maintain the youtube channel so I don’t have to read through the comments, hit me up!  Moderating the channel is something you could do remotely as well.




Had really great shows in Fresno.  That burgeoning scene really makes my heart happy.  Do what you can to support those kids over there on Facebook.  Hit up their shows if you’re in the Central Valley.  My New Zealand bit did really well there, and my new NBA material.  I have to decide if I’m going to pull them out tonight with Maron’s crowd or not…not sure if they’re ready, but then stage is where you get them ready.  I’ll run through it four or five times in my living room today before I head out.  Takes some of the spontaneity out of the process, but whelp!




I shot with Rae Threat and Alejandra Guerrera this week.  I’ll share shots as soon as I get them.  I wanted to get some new promotional photos and to just make some fucking art.  I’m back in a really creative space right now, remembering who I was when I started modeling and writing publicly as Sovereign Syre back in 2009.  I guess rounding up on a decade is a time for reflection and rejuvenation.


Allan Amato’s new book Seraph is out now, and features portraits of yours truly…or well, he has my copy….so if it’s not out, its available for pre0rder.  Go support the arts!!!!




RIP Barry Crimmins


Barry Crimmins was a spectacular human being and humanitarian.  He passed away this week.  Go watch the documentary about his life Call Me Lucky and listen to his interviews on WTF with Marc Maron.




Things I’m into this week:

·        Daniel Caesar: Japanese Denim

·        Londrelle: Dear Jasmine

·        Jorja Smith: Let Me Down

·        Melanie De Biasio: Afro Blue