Body To Job



Greetings Syrenauts!  Welcome to week two of me actually being done with my novel and being productive on other pursuits.  I’m in a spectacularly good mood lately.  I can’t find enough to do!  I’ve been reading through the first draft of my novel.  Normally, this would be daunting, but it’s been going well.  I do see how much needs to be changed, but I’m impressed with the prose I did capture.  I was writing with more poetry and care than I remembered.  I’m not really focusing on what needs to be build out in the front, what needs to be rearranged.  I’m trying to zen with it, and just see where the real compelling parts of the narrative are.  It’s like peeling an onion, I start to feel the burning as I cut deeper into the story. 

It’s a good feeling to surprise yourself with your skill rather than your deficiency.  It’s frankly out of character for me, but I’m welcoming it.  I feel more relaxed about everything, now that the first serviceable draft is down on paper, some of the panicked urgency has died away, allowing me to have some clarity about what I’m doing, to slow down a bit, and attend to the things I’d left simmering on the back burner. 



This week on OBSERVATIONS I’m having Conner Habib back on the podcast to talk about just about everything.  We’ve been spending a lot of time together writing, talking about porn, the #MeToo movement, and how sex workers and porn have come back under attack in recent weeks, with a piece in the New York Times detailing how streaming porn has ruined the sexual lives of teenage boys.  We both have a lot to say about the age old war on porn.  If you have any questions for Conner or me, please tweet at me or write me at

Future guests coming on the show: Dana Vespoli, Sean Baker and Patrick Brice. 

The podcast is now hosted by LibSyn, but will still be updating to SoundCloud.  If you’re subscribed on iTunes, you’re still subscribed.  If you enjoy the podcast, please rate it five stars and take a moment to write a review, it really helps, and please SUBSCRIBE and DOWNLOAD the episodes. The more downloads, the closer I am to being able to get advertisers, which would help immensely toward covering my costs and enabling me to fund the bigger projects I’m looking forward too. 

Video for the podcast should be up and going by March!!! I’m setting up a little corner of my living room into a pop up studio so you guys can watch the interviews on YouTube. 

I’ve been looking for an intern locally here, to pan the camera from me to my guest during interviews, to upload the vids to YouTube and to manage the comments so I don’t have to read through the garbage to get to the gold.  If you’re local to LA and interested, it’s only a couple hours of work a week.  It’s unpaid at this time, but I’ll teach you brand management and help you network with my guests and give you glowing recommendations when you apply for your next gig! 



The Patreon!!!  If you’re not already supporting the Patreon, please consider giving even as little as a dollar a month.  If 1/12th of my Twitter followers gave a dollar a month, I would have all the funds needed to do everything I want to do!!!

The book of the month is Danny Wylde’s Body to Job.  I’m going to post up some discussion topics on the Patreon to think about while you’re reading.  Since the book is short, I’m also going to do Howard Zin’s A People’s History of the United States the second half of March and all of April.  It’s a bit longer, but relevant to what’s going all around us today.  I’m gonna keep y’all reading!!!! We can do this together and make the world a little more thoughtful of a place. 

I’m trying to get Google Hangouts sorted this week so that starting in March we can have weekly live hangouts for the 10 dollar a month patrons. 

I’m here for you! 



Stuff I’ve been into this week:

·        I’m in love with a new young artist named Yebba.  Check out this live performance:

·        DeRay Davis’s new special on Netflix is pretty great.  Plus he’s in a polyamorous relationship, which makes him more interesting. 

·        Anna Deveare Smith has done a new one woman show on the school to prison pipeline.  It’s called Notes from the Field.  It debuted last night on HBO.  I saw her live a last week and was blown away by her.  Watch the trailer here:

·        Link to Howard Zin’s book:

·        As always, check out upcoming shows:

·        I’m also updating my OnlyFans again.  Part of a performance art project.  My private collection of tapes 3x a week.