Stuff In My Box:

In this segment from the monthly variety show that I co-host, Cobra Juice, Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall, Dr. Ken, Newradio) helps me read one of the more colorful email exchanges I had with a photographer back in my modeling days.  "Stuff In My Box" is a recurring segment in which I have male comics read the best pieces of email from my inbox.   Past guests have included Wil Anderson and Kyle Kinane. 

SportZ Night:

I play a lady sportscaster from the show Balls Out, the competitor sports show to SportZ Night, whose bumbling male correspondents just can't seem to get it right.

Boss Bitches of History:

I created/wrote/starred (alongside angelic genius Ela Darling) this web series for Wisecrack.  


RISK! Who Are You? 

In this episode of the live storytelling show I recount the time I fell in love with a con-artist in Under The Skin.

RISK! Outsiders

In this episode of the live storytelling show I tell the story of spending Easter in France with my big brother in Brother Bone.

RISK!  Tangled

In this episode of the live storytelling show I tell the story of my election night in Sunset of Dicks.

Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock

In this interview with Collin A. Bullock I reflect on the transition from the adult industry to comedy.  A really good one.  Episode 137.

Dysentery: The Sexual Harassment of Brian Redban

I'm a guest on Brian Redban's podcast.  Video and audio.  Dysentery #38

What Would Brian Redban Do?

In this episode me and rapper Sage Francis hang out with Brian Redban and talk about just about everything..  Audio and Video.  What Would Brian Redban Do #2

Reading Aloud

Holy Moly Red Foley! On the very first NSFW episode of Reading Aloud, Nate brings you a fascinating interview with Sovereign Syre in which they discuss her start in the adult film industry, receiving her degree in Literature, different kinds of Erotica, and “The Faerie Queene” an epic poem by Edmund Spenser.  Episode #28

The Dork Forest

The Spanish Conquest of the Americas. And the impetus for this? Research to write historical fiction! Also called a “discovering.”  Episode 339

Not So Nice Advice with Chuck Nice

Chuck and Sovereign heat up the studio with their unbelievable chemistry! Sovereign Syre, adult film star and aspiring comedian, brings all of her sexiness to Nice Advice!  Episode 27: Sovereign Syre is a MUST LISTEN!

Not So Nice Advice with Chuck Nice

Sovereign Syre is back on Not So Nice Advice, telling Chuck all about her stand up experience as well as some porn stories thrown in there for good measure! From there, Sovereign helps Chuck solve the world's problems, one messed up person at a time!  Episode 81: Sovereign Schools Us!

Don't Waste Your Pretty

Comedian and adult film star Sovereign Syre is my guest today, and we get into all the nitty gritty about the adult film world!  Dubious Consent with Sovereign Syre

Singles Only

Porn star and comedian Sovereign Syre discusses the perks of being in a wonderful open relationship with host Paul Farahvar and sidegurl Patti Vasquez.  Episode 39

Whoremones Podcast

Today we sat down with the beautiful brain of Sovereign Syre. In the sex trade since 2009, she has recently stuck her toe into the standup comedy world due to encouragement from top comedians in the game. In this episode we discuss a bit of her history, comedy, and the difference of perspective between porn people and "civilians."  Episode 38: Getting Real with Sovereign Syre

Deep Night with Dale

Dale conjures a new season of Deep Night by welcoming comedian, writer, and podcaster Sovereign Syre. Sovereign and Dale quickly bond over their mutual experiences starting in comedy, performing naked, and putting one’s creative life first. Based in Los Angeles, Sovereign joined Dale in New York for a talk about transitional, often life-altering moments and how the universe sometimes intervenes with one’s decisions. She reflects on her successful career in adult films and reveals a bit about her writing process as she tackles a multi-volume series of interlocking historical novels. The talk concludes with some thoughts on family and history, including a shared fascination with the mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Sovereign Syre can be found online at sovereignsyre.net where you can also subscribe to episodes of her podcast, Observations with Sovereign Syre. Her variety show, Cobra Juice happens monthly in LA Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater. Check their website for dates and lineup information.

Featuring our new Deep Night theme by Zach Gabbard and music throughout from the roster at Howler Hills Farm. Season 9 logo by Samantha Mash.  Dale Talks With Sovereign Syre


Getting Wilosophical with Sovereign Syre.  Australian comedian Wil Anderson's podcast where we talk about our life philosophies.  WILOSOPHY with Sovereign Syre

Woodland Secrets

Writer, performer, and comedian Sovereign Syre joins merritt to talk on-set dynamics, body image, and getting things done.  Episode 53

The F Me Podcast

The F Me Podcast returns after a short break - totally recharged with new comedy, new sexy, new guesty! This week, Jacob sits down with Indie Adult Film Performer, Sovereign Syre, and they talk about the blurring of the line between art and porn.  Also, the triumphant return of F Me Radio Theatre, with an all new TRUE SEX STORY!  And of course, fake commercials as always. 

Breakfast Quest

Writer, stand-up, and adult performer Sovereign Syre joins Nick and Lars to talk about a man. A BAT man. This time, the Bat Man was appearing in a campy, live-action show from the '60s and was played by Adam West. The episode that we watched is called "The Joker is Wild," and it's about the Joker! And how wild he is! (spoiler alert: dude is wild) It's the second week of our month-long journey into the dark heart of Gotham City, BATMAYN!   Batman with Sovereign Syre-episode 67

25 Minutes of Silence

Sovereign Syre is a stand up comedian that has opened for Marc Maron. She is host of the podcast "Observations" on iTunes and also a former adult film actress. We spent close to an hour talking about the struggles of transitioning between entertainment mediums, male privilege and the difference between the sketch and stand up comedy scenes in Los Angeles after we recorded the episode. While we recorded the episode we sat in silence for 25 minutes. Sovereign used that time to work on her novel.  9. Sovereign Syre

Seattle After Party

Former adult film stars Alia Janine and Sovereign Syre joined us on the After Party before they launch their West Coast tour, Alia & Sovereign Do America. We find out about them and about their comedy. We compare Seattle and Milwaukee serial killers and much more.  After Party #87

2 Dumb 2 Tame

Virtue Signaling, Backyard Brawls in Training Bras, and Saving the World - One Dick Joke at a Time w/ Alia Janine & Sovereign Syre.  Ep 63

All Fantasy Everything

In the sixth episode, we get erotic as hell and draft Celebrity Sex Tapes. Ian is joined by comedian Louis Virtel and comedian/ porn star Sovereign Syre. 

We're With Them

 Hanging out with a Republican and a Democrat, playing political mind games.  




Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show



Across The Line with Steven St. Croix