Richard Avery is one of the greatest fashion photographers ever, but he had a special love for porn girls and not the creepy Terry Richardson kind, but the "I respect the hell out of how brave you are and I want to capture you expressing every part of yourself" kind.  

Not only did Mr. Avery photograph us girls like editorial fashion models, he built us websites where we could write about our feelings and often for the first time, be the ones in charge of curating our images and brands.  I recorded all of my podcasts out of a room in his house in Hollywood where he built a little recording studio just so us ladies could give ourselves a voice.  He edited and maintained all of our silly shows and did all the pain in the ass stuff like upload those files to iTunes and soundcloud and all the other tedious things that go into maintaining a web presence.

When I found myself an MFA student turned model turned pornstar who had some aspirations to do more but no discipline and a lot of terror about being capable of doing it on my own, Dick was there, saying, I believe in you.  He built me a blog, made me be diligent about updating posts to it.  When I said I wanted a podcast, he told me to book my first ten guests and he'd make himself and his studio available.  He cohosted through 75 episodes until I figured out how to talk to people, how to shut up, how to carry a conversation when it started to falter.  Through all of it he taught me to be grateful, be brave, be nice and have fun. It's because of Richard Avery that the OBSERVATIONS podcast exists and that I became a stand up.  

Thank you Dick, for everything.