Sovereign Syre is a stand up comedian and writer, an internationally published poet (not a joke), a podcast artist (totally a joke) and an occasional model. She's also an adult industry veteran, starring in over 200 films, mostly of the lesbian variety.  She began modeling in 2009 in New York City where she earned the moniker "The Face" for her classic features.  She also didn't mind being photographed nude, and became a favorite of American Master and founding editor of Vibe Magazine, George Pitts.  She has also been photographed by the likes of Andrew Einhorn, Ken Lichtenwalter, Keith Major, Richard Avery, Ken Penn, Allan Amato, Chris Cuffaro, Clayton Cubbit and Nathan Appel. 

Syre entered the adult industry in 2011 after making a masturbation video for her long distance boyfriend and uploading it to X Tube.  Fleshbot found the video and wrote a piece on it, the author couldn't figure out if they were watching art or porn.  After the video went viral, she was scouted by feminist pornographer Nica Noelle.  Sovereign worked exclusively with Noelle and became the face of Girl Candy Films.  She went on to be nominated for All Girl Performer of the Year in 2014, the first time AVN included the category to account for the newfound popularity of the genre. 

Sovereign went on to work heavily with industry maverick and auteur Dana Vespoli, starring in many of her features and frequently co-writing the scenes in which she performed.  Vespoli and Syre collaborated on the highly controversial and critically praised Hollywood Babylon, the first film in which Syre worked with a male co-star. 

Syre was known for her intellectual leanings and biting humor on social media.  She was written up by Hustler and Playboy, both publications profiling the unlikely story of a graduate student in one of the top poetry programs in the country making her debut in pornographic movies the same month her poems were published in GQ Italy. 

Her Twitter account attracted the attention of producers at the Wisecrack Channel in 2014, an edutainment brand wildly popular on YouTube.  They commissioned her to write some feminist programing and  that same year she created, wrote and starred in Boss Bitches of History, a web series aimed at making  unsung women in history accessible to a modern audience. 

Although the show was cancelled that same year, Syre has recently revived the project with the help of friend, sex worker advocate, and journalist Siouxsie Q. James.  Rebranded as The Ill Repute with Sovereign Syre and Siouxsie Q. James Podcast, the two of them illustrate the biographies of maligned, misunderstood and forgotten women in history.  Syre infuses the podcast with humor and scholarship and James provides the passionate activism of adding marginalized stories to the broader canon. 

In 2016, Syre started doing storytelling shows around Los Angeles, eventually turning her stories into stand up sets.  In the next two years she performed in over three hundred shows.  She has performed at The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Stand, New York Comedy Club, The Funny Bone, Dangerfield's, The Laugh Factory and countless bars and bookstores.  She has toured across the country with fellow comedian Alia Janine, renting out venues and selling their own tickets.  She features for Marc Maron every once in awhile. 

From 2014 to 2018, Sovereign Syre hosted the OBSERVATIONS podcast, which is still available on various platforms.  The podcast consisted of interviews with stand up comedians, writers, scientists, academics, actors, and directors, telling the stories of how they "made it" as Syre tried to "make it" herself.  Guests included Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall, creator of Carnivale, Daniel Knauf, co creator of The Carmichael Show, Willie Hunter, and the National Geographic Explorer in Residence, Spencer Wells. 

Sovereign is still active in the adult industry, performing mostly in documentary style sex tapes she produces herself, that aim to humanize her subjects, celebrate authentic expressions of desire, and center female pleasure. 

Before moving to New York City, Sovereign grew up in a small town in California.  She attended a magnet school for students with an aptitude for math and science in middle school before moving on to a performing arts highschool on a ballet scholarship where she switched her emphasis to playwrighting.  She graduated early from highschool and started at University when she was 16.  She doubled majored in English Literature and Sociology.  She showed an aptitude for poetry and was recruited into a highly competitive MFA program.  Before becoming a model and performer she worked as an ESL tutor and a waitress at pool hall. 

Syre was raised in recovery, both of her parents were heroin addicts, something she discusses openly on her podcast.  She is a huge advocate for the twelve-step model of recovery.  Her mother is a neonatal intensive care unit nurse and her natural father is a retired substance abuse counselor.  Her adoptive father is a retired graphic artist.  She has an older brother that works in video game design. 

Sovereign Syre currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  She is an avid jogger and has trained as a boxer.  She has a keen interest in history, specifically from The Age of Discovery to the Age of Enlightenment, and behavioral psychology, her primary interest being human motivation.  She identifies as bisexual.  She is unmarried and has no children, but cares for a special needs dog, Coco, a blind pit bull with diabetes that takes up way too much of her time.